Saturday, November 29, 2008

now there's a walker!

Many thanks to reader Scott for sending me the link to Walk America 2008, a blog by a guy who's already most of the way home. As he writes:

Hi! I'm BJ Hill. I am a 32 year old teacher who is walking from San Francisco back home to Massachusetts. I carry a notebook with me, and ask people I meet along the way to write a message to the next President of the United States. I hope to give these thoughts, concerns, and ideas directly to the president after he is elected in November.

Farther down the page, he writes that $35 supports him for a day and $100 buys him a pair of shoes to last a month. If you're moved to do so, why not contribute to his cause? And if he's somewhere close to where you live, why not go out, meet him, and give President-elect Obama a piece of your mind?



Scott said...

He sent me a couchsurfing request but I'm not able to accommodate at this time. I think he's around Fredericksburg.

Jelly said...

Hey Kev - did you notice the links to three other walkers on the left hand side? I haven't looked at the third yet, but two others just completed their walks this past month! The girl's site has some great photos and her stats page is interesting. I also noticed she went over the mountains. The other guy started in New York and arrived in Santa Monica just 5 months later! Speedy!

Kevin said...


Yeah, they put me to shame, but their stories definitely make for interesting reading.