Friday, December 5, 2008

like an episode of "Junkyard Wars"

The long-expected sundering of the Anglican Church has begun. For years, the disputing parties have been racing toward each other on the railroad track of doom, and their engines have finally collided. I've been watching this from afar, but now that the first major intra-Church collision has occurred, I find I'm as wide-eyed as a kid on his first trip to a candy store. So many pretty colors and smells! think I, while blood and gore fly everywhere. It's not often that one gets to see the breakup of a major tradition. This is history.

(Part of my brain is whispering in reply, "This is Protestantism." So true: splittism is in our blood. Don't like the way things are? Start your own group!)

UPDATE: Excellent metacommentary over at Get Religion, especially here and here. More posts later as I try and wrap my brain around the current situation.


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