Tuesday, February 10, 2009

painful knees

Well, folks, it looks as though 600 miles was enough to curse me with painful knees. I did that 3-miler with Dad yesterday, got back home, and was in some pain an hour later. I couldn't help thinking that the pain felt like a precursor to arthritis. It's been with me since late September, when I left Walla Walla: an ache that's hard to ignore, in both knees. I'm pretty sure I can manage it with painkillers (I've been off the meds for months, and didn't take any yesterday when the pain flared anew), but it's going to be a reality as I start up again.

Unlike the MCL strain, which was a very different, rather acute sort of agony, this pain is distributed through the entirety of both knee joints. It doesn't prevent me from walking, but it does motivate me to stay seated as long as possible. Dad asked me whether I'd be able to continue walking, given my condition, and I told him it'll be no problem. I'm hoping I'm right. As things stand, the pain subsides-- or even disappears-- when I get moving, but it's those initial moments of movement after a sedentary period that are the worst. I'm sure I can live with it; there are worse pains. It's just disappointing that the rest of the walk is going to be colored by this problem.



Anonymous said...

just don't let the months of your walk lead to a lifetime of crutches and wheelchairs. it's a realistic reality that shouldn't be dealt with lightly. that wouldn't be worth eht hatte.

Kevin said...

A lifetime of crotches? What's not to like?


Anonymous said...

you'll lhyke the video I'm bout tew show yew tewneye-tuh.