Tuesday, April 14, 2009

new CafePress items!

Work with BK has officially ended for me, so I now have no income stream. In my ongoing quest to fund my walk (and possibly make a little more money to address my mountain of scholastic debt), I've created more CafePress items for your perusal. Hit the links to see them up close.

1. The "Kevin signed this" tee shirt. Buy the tees, meet me along the road with a waterproof marker, and I'll sign those puppies as I walk across the country.

2. The Dalma Daesa white tee. My best-selling CafePress item is an ash-gray Dalma Daesa tee shirt; I have no idea why I neglected to put up a normal white shirt, but here's hoping that white will sell as well as (or better than!) gray. (Value tee also available.)

3. A slew of black Kevin's Walk tee shirts with the revised logo. Yes, I finally changed "Kevin's Wank" to "Kevin's Walk." Visit the Kevin's Walk section of the shop to see the whole gamut.

4. "A Pup and a Way!" tees. The pun comes from one of my poems. See the tee shirt section of my CafePress shop for the full gamut of available shirts.

5. The "Tiger and Rabbit Raisins" tee. I'm rather proud of this one, which uses the tiger/rabbit imagery I'd shown off before to portray one moment in the bizarre friendship between Tiger and Rabbit, a friendship rooted in Korean folklore, where many stories begin "A long time ago, when tigers smoked pipes..." Many a shop in Insa-dong, one of the most famous art districts of Seoul, will feature scrollwork images of tigers and rabbits placidly smoking together, puffing away on long pipes. My tee doesn't show any smoking, but it does show Tiger scaring the bejesus out of Rabbit as he roars, "Teach me how to make those awesome chocolate raisins!" I'll leave you to dissect the queasy implications of what Tiger is saying.

There are more designs on the way, so stay tuned. If you see something that interests you, I'm not gonna stop you from buying it.


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