Sunday, May 3, 2009

the Big Talk

Dad wants us to have a serious talk with Mom today, Sunday, about going to Houston this coming week. She's heard from each of us individually, but we have yet to gang up on her; I'm content to have the talk on Sunday rather than on her birthday, which is Monday. An appointment for a consult has already been set at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston on the morning of May 8th. According to Sean, Mom is at least willing to consider the idea now, but we do need to drive home how important this consult will be. The trip to Houston will also be an opportunity for Dad to sound out the place, to gather his own impressions about whether Houston will indeed be a better location for Mom than somewhere closer to home, be that Fairfax Hospital, or NIH, or the Lombardi Center at Georgetown U., or the facility at Johns Hopkins. Persuading Mom to get down there this week seems to be the right thing to do. Even if Mom eventually decides to stay based in Alexandria, the consult will nevertheless prove valuable.

Keep your fingers crossed. This might not go smoothly.


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kwandongbrian said...

I hope you can jointly come to good decision.

Happy Birthday to your mother. It is the same day as my sister's - although your mother might use the Lunar calendar.