Wednesday, June 3, 2009

a quick review of ICU protocol

I've written about this before, in bits and pieces, but here it is again in one place as a reminder to people wanting to visit Mom in the ICU:

1. You can visit at any time except during doctors' rounds: 7:00-8:30AM, and 7-8PM.

2. You cannot bring food or drink into the ICU.

3. You may not use your cell phone.

4. Only TWO visitors at a time are allowed inside the room with Mom.

5. Real flowers are not allowed inside the ICU, but silk flowers are fine.

6. Mom is still under a MRSA protocol, so you must gown and glove up before entering her room. This is also true when Mom is in the non-intensive wing. Upon leaving, you must de-gown and de-glove before crossing the threshold back out into the regular world, and must wash your hands immediately after crossing the threshold.


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