Monday, March 28, 2011

thank you, Charles!

My buddy Charles gets his own special thank-you post because he and his wife braved the Byzantine Korean financial system in order to wire me my own cash. I had to send my banking materials to him via international post-- not the safest thing to do-- so that Charles could use my ATM card (useless to me here in the States) to extract my cash and wire the sum to me. He got a good exchange rate, and nearly $1500 will be plopping into my account later this week, minus my bank's stupid "receiving fee." That shouldn't amount to more than $10 or $15, though. As long as I have at least $1400 in there, I'll be a happy camper. That's $1400 more than I thought I had.

Thanks again, man.


1 comment:

Charles said...

Not a problem. Despite the minor hassle, it was not an imposition at all. Besides, it gave me an opportunity to complain about Korean web design, and boy do I love me some good bitchin' and moanin'!