Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday weight check #1

295.7 pounds.

I was over 300 pounds when I started my new job. The loss of less than 10 pounds really signifies nothing, and when you're as large as I am, even losing 20-30 pounds does little to change your appearance. But if I can manage to lose 60 or so pounds by September, that'll be great, and my knees will thank me. To that end, God help me, I'm considering taking up the dreaded Atkins diet, which worked wonders for my brother Sean. I tried Atkins once, long ago, for about a week, and was left miserable, but part of the problem was my ignorance of the bigger picture, i.e., the full palette of foods available to me despite the draconian restrictions. Considering my current carb intake, though, I think Atkins would do much to steer me away from adult onset diabetes.

More on this as we go.



Charles said...

Good luck, my friend. May the force be with you.

JS Allen said...

Hit me up on e-mail if you need moral support or advice on Atkins. I've used Atkins diet 3 times over the past 12 years to drop 30-40lbs each time, and have helped several friends and co-workers do the same. It's not for everyone; but if your brother responded well to it, then you probably will, too.

The psychological part is really the hardest; your mind can come up with hundreds of excuses and convince you that you'll be eating sardines forever; that you'll give yourself brain damage; etc. If you stick with it for 10 weeks or more, you'll look back on those moments and chuckle -- but it's tricky to get to that point. I have several tips about that if you ever feel yourself getting frustrated or discouraged.

Kevin Kim said...



JS Allen,

All Atkins-related wisdom is welcome. Feel free to share via email, or even via the comments: after all, there might be other folks who might be wondering about the diet.