Tuesday, May 3, 2011

$40 an hour

The cost to rent space at Woodson High School for the May 20 meeting is, according to the WTWHS activities director, $40 an hour. Yikes. I'm going to be filling out the form for the first meeting, but I honestly can't see myself meeting weekly and spending $80 per week to do so.

So the question is: does anyone live in a nice, big, sprawling home that might be usable by a motley group of planners (a group still of indeterminate size; no one has RSVP'ed me yet)? Or does anyone go to a house of worship in the Fairfax area-- one that would allow a group to meet for free? Don't be shy about leaving a comment or sending an email. We're going to need a regular meeting space.


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hahnak said...

im sure someone can help you find a free place. i attend two meetings regularly. a stitch n bitch and a moms group. both meet at free places. the stitch n bitch found a small conference room housed in a grocery store that has a second floor cafe. weird. but its nice. and the moms group also gets a free conference room in an atlanta bread company. i know youre kind of in a rural place but i do believe youre in a less remote area than i am.