Saturday, December 13, 2008

Murphy's Law is alive and well

Today, I have to dismantle at least two major tarp structures and bring their contents inside. I also have to work on my emcee agenda (tomorrow's the Christmas party), which promises to take a bit of time. And just as I suspected, a large editing job* arrived in my BlackBerry while I was outside in my tent last night; it has to be done by noon on Sunday, Seoul time, which is 10PM on Saturday, Washington, DC time. That means tonight, y'all.

Reality expresses itself in clumps, so it should be no surprise that in one's life there are periods with nothing to do, and sudden moments where disparate events come crashing together. Today is, as they say, one of those days.

*I have two jobs: one that I secured with the kind help of my buddy Charles, another I found through the online classifieds thanks to my friend Lara, who's also based in Seoul, and who pointed me to the ad that led to my employment with a company I'll call BK (not Burger King, dammit). Both are proofing/editing jobs; today's assignment, a six-pager from BK, promises to take many hours.



Charles said...

I'm glad to hear that they finally sent some work your way! It's too bad that it has to be a rush job, but I imagine that most of them will be, unfortunately.

Kevin said...

Yeah, well, it was BK and not HUFS... I kinda wonder whether I scared HUFS away somehow. I know I didn't make any demands, though I did ask a question about payment method, given the awkwardness of paying someone who's overseas. Was it greedy of me to do that?


Charles said...

Ah, OK, I had misread the post. I thought that you had two jobs, one from BK and the other from HUFS.

I honestly cannot imagine why they have not sent you any work, given the load that they were apparently prepared to send me. I doubt you scared them away, although there is the possibility that the logistics might have led them to look into other alternatives. I've still got my fingers crossed, though.