Sunday, December 7, 2008

off to a meeting in the early afternoon

I'm emceeing the Washington Korean Women's Society Christmas party this year; this'll be my third or fourth time doing it. It's always been a fun event, so when the call came asking me to emcee, I happily said yes. For me, the event isn't stressful because I don't have to emcee the most difficult part of the evening: the dance! The ladies always hire a DJ to do that segment, and he leads everyone through dance steps, runs the dance itself, and involves people in various party games. Me, I don't have a partying bone in my body. I'm the guy who sits off to the side, alcohol-free punch in hand, bobbing his head vaguely to the music.

The party is a chance for me to connect, however briefly, with the DC-Metro Korean and Korean-American community. I don't envy the organizers the job of putting it all together, but I'm honored to be working with them.

Today, that work will involve attending a planning session, from which I will probably receive the mostly-finalized party agenda. As is normal for any big event, there may be minor adjustments in the days just before it all happens, but those won't be a problem. As long as I walk away with a clear idea of the general proceedings, I'll be able to write up my own emcee script, and it'll be smooth sailing.

The party's next Sunday, at 6PM on the 14th.


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