Tuesday, February 3, 2009

in-box is piling up

I've got a stack of proofing to do from both my jobs, so I'll be quick. To borrow Dr. Vallicella's terminology, I'm more linker than thinker for the moment.

1. Read Malcolm's discussion of chi.

2. Read Peter's post on whether determinists are evil.

3. Read Charles's insightful post on criticism.

A few remarks about "24": I'm rooting for Mr. and Mrs. Motobo, who are portrayed by two excellent actors. I fear something terrible is going to happen to one or both of them, and I also suspect that FBI chief Larry Moss is going to meet an untimely end before the day is done-- something along the lines of poor Ryan Chappelle. Also, I had to laugh when, in the most recent episode (2PM to 3PM), the Canadian Embassy-- a very familiar building to those who know DC-- was renamed "the Ritter Building." I think a lot of DC-Metro natives have had a good chuckle at how "24" plays fast and loose with DC's geography.

One last thing: avoid Red Bull, which gives you wings only in the angelic sense.


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