Sunday, February 1, 2009


I'm glad I decided to watch the Super Bowl with my folks, because the first half ended with a one-hundred yard interception return-- a play never before seen in a Super Bowl. The guy who did it? A freakin' linebacker. You know-- the big, beefy dudes whose main purpose is to act as a moving wall. Linebackers aren't known for balletic grace or explosive speed, but James Harrison, Number 92 of the Steelers, may just have changed all that. It's not often that anything on TV moves me to shout (Dee's totally unforeseen suicide on BSG is one such moment), but I found myself shouting at 92 to go, go, go! And go 92 did. Amazing.



Anonymous said...

I don't think Dee's suicide was totally unforeseen when looking at the horrific circumstances she has been under since the surprise attack by the Cylons on the twelve colonies. This left her one of a fleeing human population of less than fifty thousand. The fleet was then torn apart by the occupation on New Caprica. She sacrificed Billy for Lee. Then, Lee threw her away for Starbuck. I was actually surprised that she lasted as long as she did or without going the way of Gaeta.

It actually seems like this series is following Robert A. Heinlein’s book “Revolt in 2100” pretty closely. I think they may even be able to salvage a spin-off based on the book. Take a look at it if you get a chance. It’s a great introduction to his masterpieces.

John from Daejeon

Kevin said...

Dee's suicide came as a total surprise to me. Sure, looking back on the trajectory of her life, we can see how suicide might have been in the cards, but that also applies to just about everyone in the fleet except Baltar, who is all about saving his own skin.

I wonder how many BSG watchers actually predicted her suicide long before it occurred. At a guess, almost no one did. Hats off to Moore and Eick et al. for keeping me on my toes!