Monday, February 16, 2009

what do you know about Hwaseong City?

I'm proofing an article about Hwaseong City (Hwaseong, literally "firestar," is the Sino-Korean designation for Mars). According to this article, Hwaseong was rated as the city that underwent the most expansion in the space of a decade. I've never heard of it, but if you've been there, feel free to write a comment describing the place, and whether it'd be worth a visit when I'm back in Korea.



nosaj100 said...


I live in Dongtan which is in Hwaseong City. Dongtan is a great area, wonderful place to live and it does have a wonderful park, but I don't see too many people coming here to visit just yet. There are basically no attractions just yet. But I heard that they were going to build a Universal Studios that would open in 2012.

I know that 10 years ago there was nothing but farmland here. There is a ton of construction still going on and lots of empty apartments due to the economy, I guess. I have a few photos of Dongtan on my blog, but it probably will look like any other Korean city to most people.

Sperwer said...

Hey pal:

I've been planning this year's BBQ with the usual suspects, thought of you and hear I am. As far as Hwaseong is concerned, save your bus fare. It's a prodigiously over-planned New City with an appalling design. The previous comment is the first I've heard about Universal going there; that makes a bout a half-dozen places in Korea claiming they've landed a University Studios deal. I'm not holding my breath for any of them. Anyway.hope you are well. Best.