Sunday, March 29, 2009


I've never known the sensation of fish trying to chew off my nipples.

But my buddy Charles knows:

Before long, scores of tiny little fishes swam over and started nibbling away at us. It doesn’t hurt, but it tickles like crazy. I think it would be a pretty effective torture method, actually. After about ten minutes I got somewhat used to the nibbling and decided to submerge myself up to my neck. It wasn’t too bad, but for some reason they kept trying to nibble on my nipples, and I’m just not really into fish nibbling on my nipples. I eventually worked out a mummy-like pose that allowed me to cover the sensitive areas but still let the fish nibble away at the other parts of my body.

Of the many sensory experiences I hope to have before I die... this isn't one of them.



Charles said...

I just wish I could have written about that in a more interesting fashion. What with the two-week drought, I just wanted to get something on paper (so to speak). I kind of feel like I blew an opportunity to write something really interesting.

Oh well.

Kevin said...

I thought it was a fine entry. The trip sounded interesting-- even the disappointing aspects of it.