Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mom and her walk

Mom received a visit from Mrs. Lindow and her husband yesterday; I was looking even grubbier than usual, so I spent most of my time downstairs, eventually taking a shower and popping back up in time to say goodbye to our guests (Dad kept them entertained in my absence).

My brother David pulled up as Mr. and Mrs. Lindow were pulling away; not long after, he and I took Mom to Fort Hunt Park for a longer-than-usual stroll. Mom was fine while walking, but she's been having balance and weakness issues for a few days. Today, she wasn't strong enough to lift her leg high enough to get into the minivan. To compensate for this, she grabbed her pant leg at the thigh and tugged upward, using the cloth as a sling to lift her leg the last few inches so that her foot could enter the van. With some assistance, she was able to pull herself into the vehicle and get seated.

Once Mom started walking between David and me, all seemed normal. Later in the afternoon, when we were back home, she did her little dance.

Today, right now at 1:15PM, Mom is still in bed, so Dad cancelled the 2PM visits from her two friends. Getting Mom out of bed and ready is a chore-- one that Dad performs gladly, but a chore all the same. Were Mom to get up right now, it would still be at least an hour before she would be ready to receive visitors.

So for the moment, the house is quiet except for the sounds of classical music from David's XM Radio equipment.


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