Sunday, September 6, 2009

Mom's condition yesterday

Mom went for a walk in the park with Dad yesterday while I worked on our laundry. She hasn't been very talkative lately, but she has been responsive, either verbally or through gestures, when addressed. Once or twice yesterday, she even volunteered a few remarks, which is always encouraging (the frontal lobe is associated with, among other "executive" functions, one's initiative). Otherwise, Mom did what she normally does these days: she sits quietly in the living room and either watches TV or listens to classical music. Someone will often be sitting and talking with her, especially if either of my brothers comes by, and since I'm often in the kitchen, I talk to Mom from across the cuisine island. She's never alone.

So she had a good day yesterday, for someone in her condition. As always, we're thankful for the little things.


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