Thursday, December 31, 2009


Dad has discovered that someone was misinformed: National Naval Medical Center has no hospice facilities. We're looking at other options.

In the main, it seems that all other elements are in place: Mom has been deemed transportable, as long as the transport vehicle has a ventilator; we've secured a New York-based transport service that can take Mom wherever she needs to go, ventilator and all. The only question is where Mom's going. To a hospital? To a hospice care facility? Home, with some sort of specialized 24/7 care? We don't know yet, and with the New Year upon us, we're once again going to have to wait a few days before the situation can clarify itself. Meanwhile, Dad's trying hard to work with the social worker here, as well as with Dr. Berlin and his teammates.

My buddy Mike is heading up here tomorrow; he'll spend the afternoon with us, arriving in NYC around 1PM, then taking the 7PM train back to the DC area.

UPDATE: Dad says Andrews Air Force Base has no facilities for Mom.


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