Tuesday, January 5, 2010

close to a decision

We're not totally decided yet, but Mom's extubation will most likely occur this coming Thursday. We'll be leaving home around 7:30PM to be up to see Mom and to talk to the doctors about what they think. We'll base our decision on what we hear from the docs.

Our thanks to Pastor Jeri for sitting and talking with Dad, Sean, and me about What Happens Next. It's comforting to know that so many people are in our corner to help us with the coming transition in our lives. A lot of the things that I thought we'd have to worry about have turned out not to be a problem. As a family, we can focus primarily on the important things, knowing that a lot will be happening in the background on our behalf. For example: the church already has templates for memorial liturgies, so it's merely a matter of tweaking the liturgical format to fit our preferences. Pastor Jeri also provided us with information about a well-respected cremation service, so the disposition of Mom's remains is no longer an acute concern. And the memorial itself doesn't have to follow hard upon the heels of Mom's cremation (which will likely be a private affair), giving us time to plan and prep for the memorial service and the reception thereafter.

Right now, the most important thing is to set the date for Mom's extubation, then call the cremation service, which will coordinate with Walter Reed on the moving of Mom's body. With all of that accomplished, a date for memorial service can be set; mostly likely, it will occur on January 16, one day before Dad's 68th birthday.

I'll be sure to say more tonight once we've been to the hospital, but for the moment, January 7 and 16 are looking to be the important dates for both the family and the public. The 17th, Dad's birthday, will be important for different reasons, and that will most likely be a family affair.


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