Monday, May 9, 2011

true start

We've already had the false start. Now, at last, I stand at the threshold of the Atkins Diet two-week induction period. No more spare food to worry about, so the diet starts now. Wish me luck. Official weight at start time: 296 pounds. If, after two weeks, I don't see significant weight loss, I'll have to rethink my strategy.



JS Allen said...

Good luck! If I had to bet, I would wager 8-10 pounds dropped by end of week 2.

Charles said...

Good luck! I'll make sure to eat plenty of carbs for you while you're on your carb fast.

Maven said...

How are you doing on the diet? I was on atkins for a while (nearly 2 yrs, from 2004 thru 2005), and I have to admit, that the first few weeks, to the first full month, are the hardest.

Lots of eggs, egg whites, bacon, steak, fish... good stuff. PS: Surprisingly low in calories and carbs? Bamboo shoots!

One tip, you might want to drink orange metamucil 1-2x a day. For two reasons: 1. It gives you the "implication" you're consuming fruit juice; and 2. MUCH NEEDED FIBER. TRUST ME ON THIS! Also? It helps with satiety and bulks you up.