Saturday, April 5, 2008

fundraising update

I'm humbled by the people who've taken the time to contribute something to Kevin's Walk. As of a few days ago, my PayPal account currently boasts $294.76 (the weird number comes from the way PayPal takes about a 4% nibble from every transaction).

Thank you, thank you, thank you all. I'm thinking of setting up a Contributor's Hall of Fame to show my appreciation. I'll be tasteful: the list won't reveal amounts, but I still want to lift up the names of the folks who've been so kind to me. If you'd rather not appear on such a list, please email me at

Walk on!


nostalgia: part 1

As my time in Korea draws to a close and I ready myself for the return home to Alexandria, Virginia (where I'll spend a month with my folks before beginning the Walk), I find myself in an increasingly pensive, nostalgic mood. You'll have to pardon me, in this case, because as I think about the potential health benefits of the upcoming Walk, I can't help remembering that, although I've never been skinny, there was a time when I was a lot less, uh, substantial than I am now.

Here's me in 1995, not looking skinny at all, but still thinner than I currently am:

Here's a 1994 shot that shows I was a bit thinner the previous year:

And finally, here's a shot from 1991 that has me pining for the old days:

In later posts, I'll be showing you pics from the life I've lived for the past three years-- the university I'll be leaving, and the students who've made an impression on me.