Saturday, January 3, 2009

my vote for Silliest Utterance

Good Lord:

"...the threat posed by Islamic terrorism is nothing more than the yapping of an annoying poodle, albeit one with rabies."

--from conservative blog, linked to by Instapundit

Yeah... rabid, yapping poodles can kill nearly 3000 people in the space of a couple hours. What's surprising about the above sentiment is that it comes from a conservative. Conservatives are usually the folks preaching caution and vigilance.

I try to read both liberal and conservative blogs when I want my daily dose of political commentary. I've never visited Samizdata before; the above quote comes from an otherwise interesting post about the need for conservative Republicans to rip their party apart and earnestly rebuild (by founding other parties, if necessary) instead of focusing on taking Obama down:

Concentrate instead on the much needed massive internal political bloodletting and leave Obama and his Congress to do their worst as in truth there is nothing the Republicans can do to stop them anyway.

Not the typical conservative point of view, I think.


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