Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I carved four of the five pumpkins, but Dad had the honor of carving the one representing Mom. As I told my buddy Charles, Dad captured something about Mom that I would never have been able to capture.

The two large pumpkins represent the parents. I tried to capture some of Dad's wackiness; Dad captured Mom's grace and humor. It was up to me to carve the three small pumpkins, which represent us three brothers: David, the middle brother, is off to the side and laughing while I chew into Sean's head. It's Halloween, you see, and pumpkins tend to act strangely on that day.



Jelly said...

They're really great, Kev. So are you. Happy belated Halloween. Did you get any trick-or-treaters at your house?

Kevin Kim said...


We ended up with only a few clusters of kids coming over-- nothing like the rush we had expected. The evening was uncharacteristically humid and rainy, which likely cut down on the merry-making (much to the adult chaperones' delight, I'm sure).