Wednesday, January 6, 2010

we'll survive this

Our hearts haven't completely turned to ash yet. There's still some humor rattling around in there. On Tuesday night, we visited with Mom, then had a closed-door meeting with the on-duty doctor, the army chaplain, and the social worker to discuss end-of-life and post-mortem issues.

Afterward, we said our good-byes to Mom, and David suggested an outing at IHOP (for my foreign readers: IHOP is the pretentiously named International House of Pancakes-- as if the chain were popular in France or New Zealand or Korea). We went there and ordered shamelessly high-carb meals. David's meal, a cheesesteak, had too many onion rings on the side, so at the end of his meal, he decided to stack them and top them off with a square-cut piece of ham to create his own version of the ancient Korean observatory, Cheomseongdae. See below:

Inspired. And an indication that, even with death this close, our family remains unbroken.


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Terry Douglas said...

Ah, Cheomseongdae, perhaps my favorite of Korea's remaining ancient structures.

Some interesting symbolism comes to mind as well regarding the mysteries of what lie beyond.
Of course, this is probably not what David had in mind at all when he crafted his creation. I'm just musing here.