Monday, May 16, 2011

official weigh-in

After one week on the Atkins Diet, I've gone from 296 pounds to 291.3 pounds. That may simply be what folks colloquially refer to as "water weight," but at least it's something. As mentioned before, there seems to have been little or no ketosis (the strip did change color, ever so slightly, when I peed on it), but it may be that ketosis, for me, may take longer than it does for others.

I haven't started exercising yet, and don't plan to start until after the induction period is over. There ought to be more weight loss once I begin walking and lifting (the apartment complex has a gym that I haven't used even once since moving in). Keep those fingers and tentacles crossed.



Sperwer said...

Nearly 5 pounds in a week. Great! Keep up the good work!

JSA said...

If the strip changes color at all, you're good. A lighter color just means you're well-hydrated.

To tell if you're really in keto, just pee on one stick, and dip a different stick in water, and compare them. If you can tell the difference between the two sticks, you're doing fine.

You'll get to know what it looks like when the color doesn't change at all. That's the "Oh, shit, the restaurant lied and put sugar in my food, and now I have to start induction all over again!" color.

The weight loss in the first 10 days is mainly muscle glycogen, so it should be proportional to your muscle mass. Now that you're in fat-burning mode (assuming you're in keto), it will start coming off the fat stores. FWIW, I found cardio during induction was just fine. Your body is confused at first, but you get used to it within a week or two and then it's better than non-keto cardio, IMO.