Monday, May 23, 2011

official weigh-in

As it turns out, I broke the rules for induction yesterday and the day before when I mindlessly gobbled some Costco-bought hummus. Today's weigh-in still counts as official, though; I feel I've done enough in doing nearly two weeks of practically carb-free living.

First, the news on how I look: I look exactly the same as I did two weeks ago. No change at all when I see myself in the mirror. Even if I had managed to lose over 20 pounds (which I haven't), I'd still look the same. Experience has shown me this every time I've attempted a diet: it takes a few decades of pounds before I can see a change (and feel it in my waistline). This time around, I need to hit the century mark before I can feel truly healthy. Getting down to 200 (from about 300, pre-Atkins) is the goal. It'll make hiking a lot easier, keep me more focused, alert, and energetic, and improve my life in all sorts of other ways.

But enough dithering. The results of the official weigh-in:

289.5 pounds (131.6 kg, 20.68 stone), down from a starting weight of 296.

That's my lowest weight in a while. Not much of a loss, given the previous two days' stumbling (I bought the hummus this past Saturday), and the gaffes I'd made early on in induction (e.g., eating too much, eating only at night-- the latter not being a gaffe so much as the result of my work schedule). So for two weeks on the Atkins Diet, I have almost 7 pounds of weight loss to show for it. I'm barely-- just barely-- in the 280s, and have another 80 pounds to go.

I don't plan on restarting induction, and I do plan to reintroduce carbs to my diet. But I've learned that I can live a low-carb existence without going crazy, so even though I won't be formally pursuing Atkins from this point forward, I'll be eating more moderately and keeping the carb levels down. I'm also going to start exercising again; this has traditionally been my most effective weight loss method (Atkins has never totally sat well with me; any diet that says "no fruit for two weeks!" is at least partly insane). So wish me luck. We're shifting gears.



Charles said...

Congrats and good luck. I agree that exercise is probably you're best bet--I need to be getting some myself.

Bratfink said...

I've been cutting out red meat and eating boiled chicken and increasing my veggies and fruits. I have noticed a MAJOR difference.

I am not eating French fries, even tho The Boy keeps bringing them home. If I eat bread it's for tomato sammiches. I've added Activia to my diet and use it for snacks, if I must have one, or fruit or a sliced tomato.

And I'm feeling great. My doctor told me to eat more fruits and veggies and less meat. It's a good thing I LOVE boiled chicken [dark meat only].

You didn't put the weight on overnight--can't expect it to leave that way.

I try to remember that.

Hang in there. Small steps.