Friday, March 13, 2009

do it

I hope Japan does shoot down North Korea's missile. No one else seems to have the cojones to make the move. If you think my position is insane, I'm all for a discussion in the comments. This is a subject on which I've thought long and hard, and in the end, I can't see NK departing this earth in any way but the hard way. Better sooner than later, whatever the initial carnage.



Anonymous said...

I hope it happens too, and I am in South Korea, but I think only the Dear Leader and his closest cronies are going out the hard way. There will be no China and Russia in their corner this time, so once any war were to start, more than likely, many of the malnourished and under armed soldiers to the north may quickly defect to the south thanks to what they’ve seen in smuggled videos and eaten via smuggled food stuffs. I also don’t think the military leaders over there would want to be tried for war crimes by sticking by the Dear Leader’s side as they know that their forces stand no chance against the united front they will be facing.

However, it’s really all about the north’s temper-tantrum throwing again for food, fuel, fertilizer, and such to keep the charade going. I just wish my tax dollars weren’t going to support this murderous regime via food and fuel in exchange for their bullshit, half-hearted attempts at playing nice by using their poorly designed nuclear weapons as a bully club.

John from Daejeon

John said...

Tough talk for a guy that no longer lives under the shadow of Mr. Kim's artillery.

Not that I don't agree with you, I'm sure the only thing the NORKS respect is power and and the will to use it.

Hopefully the "satellite" launch will occur while I'm TDY in the US next month. Just in case...

Kevin said...

John of Long Time Gone,

Tough talk, indeed, but as I've stated repeatedly, I plan on coming back to Korea after this walk is done, and unlike a lot of foreigners who have already declared their intention to run if war does break out while they're still in Korea, I intend to remain on the peninsula, doing my part of defend a land that's worth defending. It is my mother's country, after all. I don't ever want to see it perish.

To be clear, if a given foreigner doesn't feel much connection to the land, I can't blame them for not wanting to get involved in something that's not their fight, so I'm not calling such people out for perceived cowardice. One of my best friends has declared he's going to be "the first white boy outta there" if the shit hits the fan. He's still my friend... despite his yellow belly. Heh.