Tuesday, March 10, 2009

le baby-sitteur

Looks as though I'll be babysitting a sick brood tomorrow morning. My buddy Mike is coming over this evening to fetch me, then, tomorrow morning, he's throwing me into a dank pit with his pestilential offspring (they all have leprosy or necrotizing fasciitis or something) while he and the Missus head off to work, and I'm apparently supposed to spend a few hours in the pit, running in circles and trying to keep his afflicted progeny from eating my brain. Luckily, I work off my laptop, so doing work while babysitting won't be a problem. Mike says he'll be back home for lunch break. I imagine he'll throw some food into the pit, cackle at our predicament, then leave.

I think the Missus will be home in the early afternoon, as she's a teacher. If I still have my brain by then, I'll be pleasantly surprised.

More later.


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