Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I'm off to the eye doctor again in the morning. My eyes don't hurt anymore, and I'm no longer light-sensitive, but the eyeballs themselves remain red. No itch to speak of. I expect the appointment to go fairly smoothly; things seem to be improving, overall.



Charles said...

I hate to say this, but your eye ailment sounds very similar to the problems I've been having since I moved to Seoul. I hope it's something else, because my condition is apparently chronic and may never fully go away.

Fortunately, with a regular regimen of heat on the eyes and swabbing of the lids, I seem to have things under control for now.

Kevin said...


I'm sorry to hear about that problem, but am not surprised, what with Seoul's nasty combo of hwang-sa, vehicular pollution, and dust from construction. Have you checked with a decent doctor about your condition?

Strangely enough, I never suffered that sort of chronic eye problem while living in Seoul, but that might change when I get back there.


Charles said...

I have seen a decent doctor, he's the one who prescribed my current non-medicinal routine. I started out by going to Yonsei Severance, but the doctors there just kept prescribing me medicine month after month and telling me that it would start getting better soon. Well, I was fine when I was using the medicine, but as soon as I stopped the condition came back.

So I switched to a clinic, and the doctor (singular--I see the same doctor now, which is nice) told me that it was a chronic condition that won't go away very easily, but he said that cleaning the eyelids (it's actually an eyelid infection) and using hot presses will help. So far it has been helping, but I have still been using small amounts of medicine. We'll have to see what happens when I go off the medicine entirely. But I'm feeling positive about it--when I used similarly small amounts of medicine in the past, the condition worsened, so things seem to have improved.

You know what the funny thing is, though? I haven't suffered any major respiratory problems since moving here. It's just the eyes.