Saturday, April 25, 2009

many thank-yous

I can already see that I'll be doing a lot of thank-you posts for the foreseeable future. It's a happy burden: the kindness has been coming from all corners.

Big thank-yous to the folks who've been emailing their encouragement, or leaving comments on the blog, or sending cards, which now cover our mantel. Another thank-you to the people who have been constant visitors: Pastor Jeri, Pastor Kim, Mrs. Lindow, and others. I'd thank my aunt and uncle for coming, but they're in the same house with me, so it seems silly to put that on the blog. Nevertheless, I should thank them publicly-- them and their families-- for the kindness and love they've shown us.

I was delighted to receive emails from the Molina family; they all wrote very touching "e-pistles."

Thanks to my friends, and to friendly e-acquaintances yet unmet, who've been so supportive in person or via some form of e-contact (texting, email, Facebook, etc.).

Many thanks to the good people who gave Mom the book of prayers and inspirational writing. Thanks also go out to the medical professionals caring for Mom. To all the others I've forgotten to mention by name (and I hope you'll forgive the lapse): thank you.

Right now, we're prepping the house for Mom's arrival, which is likely (though not certain) to happen this weekend. In a few minutes, I'll be driving my aunt out to a large Korean store so she can shop for groceries and whip up a big feast for whichever day Mom finally arrives. I haven't been to the hospital yet; Dad is also home, and is keeping tabs on Mom via phone calls to the nurses on Mom's floor. My uncle has to leave today, so there's that to consider as well. All in all, lots of activity.

More later. Thanks again.


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