Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thursday morning update

My aunt (whom I'll call "Emo" from now on, per the Korean title, i-mo, one of many Korean words for "aunt") and I left around 10:20AM to visit Mom. Dad has to stay home, catch up on paperwork, and be ready to pick up my uncle from the airport when he arrives around 2PM. Dad will be at the hospital with Uncle John in the mid-afternoon; Sean is also coming by later today.

Mom seems much better than yesterday. She's eating, she's less nauseous, and her cognitive improvement continues in terms of her aphasia, short-term memory, and ability to feel and express emotion. We're told that she'll likely be moved out of the ICU today, which is good news. And bizarrely enough, because she's MRSA-positive, this likely means she'll have a double room to herself, though there's a chance she might be placed in a room with another MRSA-positive patient.

No word yet on the results of Mom's latest MRI.

David came to the ICU not long after my arrival; the staff bumped me out because only two visitors at a time are allowed there, so I'm off in a nearby waiting room, typing up this entry.

More updates soon.


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