Monday, April 20, 2009

on the cusp

Mom's operation has been slated-- last I heard-- for 1PM Tuesday afternoon. Mom seemed largely the same on Monday, with the short-term memory issues and the aphasia. Toward the end of our time with her, however, she began to manifest a strange detachment from reality, insisting that she didn't have a tumor and that the doctors had told her so. When we were about to leave, she got out of bed and said, "I'm going with you guys." Luckily, Mom was still pliant enough that we could persuade her to return to bed, but we asked the nurses to watch over her during the night to make sure she didn't try to wander off somewhere.

My understanding is that Mom will be prepped for surgery (which will involve shaving her head; I plan on shaving mine in solidarity, and Dad and my brother David have said they have planned to do the same), and that the operation should be fairly straightforward. The mass will be biopsied, and further treatment will be discussed. Mom is likely to be returned to the ICU, which is where she was first placed when she was transferred from Mount Vernon Hospital to Fairfax Hospital. For at least the first 24 hours after the operation, Mom will probably be both unconscious and intubated. A drainage tube (or tubes) will be in her skull; her steroid regimen will also continue, since the brain will swell in response to the trauma of invasive surgery.

Much depends on what the doctors see when they finally have a good, clear look at the mass. We know nothing at this point. I'm hoping we'll know a lot more within 24 hours.

The neuro team is visiting Mom at 7AM; visiting hours begin at 10AM, but Dad, David, and I will be there to intercept and talk with the team.



Lorianne said...

Healing thoughts for your mom, and best wishes to you & all your family as you stand by her during this difficult time. I've been lax in blog-reading, so I'm just now catching up on the situation. I'll be holding you, your mom, and your whole family in my practice.

Anonymous said...

I have read your blog on and off since you were (not) wearing a lab coat to teach English. My heart goes out to your mother and your family. It is good that you can be there with her in this time.


matthew said...


I didn't know how else to reach you but I just recently found out about the situation your mom, my aunt, and I just wanted to let you know I am praying for her as well that you guys continue to find strength in this very trying time. be sure to tell her if you get a chance that we all love her very much down here in texas and are praying for her healing. be sure and let us know how her surgery goes.


Jelly said...

I've been thinking of you and your family, Kevin. I hope your mom's surgery went well and she recovers soon. Take care.