Sunday, May 17, 2009

promised photos

Ever since I started writing exclusively about Mom here, this blog has been lacking in visuals. If I'm not mistaken, about the only visual I've shown you since April 16 has been the radiotherapy mask that Mom will have to wear during her treatments (which will be for about 15 minutes per day, five days a week, for six weeks).

I've promised you photos from Mom's birthday celebration, as well as some foodblogging pics, so I'll be slapping those up sometime later today. Stay tuned. Today, we're grilling dinner. Just burgers and dogs (hot dogs, I mean).

NB: Those looking to see my review of the "Star Trek" film should check the "Notes" section of my Facebook page.



Charles said...

So I guess those of us who don't have Facebook accounts are SOL. Just give me the brief review: did you like it (Star Trek, that is)? Because we thought it was awesome.

Kevin said...

I'll email you the review I put on Facebook. Good Lord, it's already got 13 or so comments.


Kevin said...

Oh, yes: I liked the new movie. It doesn't beat "Wrath of Khan," but I'd put it at #3 on my list of best Star Trek films.