Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thai chicken: slightly better reviews

Mom, Dad and my uncle John (Mom's younger brother) sat down for some of my Thai/Korean chicken with peanut sauce, and they all seemed to enjoy it, although Mom didn't finish her meal. Dad and Uncle John proclaimed the dish "good," while Mom declared it "all right." I have to agree: because I used Korean guksu pasta (the sort that can be used for jjajang-myeon or udong), the noodles were softer than they should have been. Otherwise, though, the dish seemed to work, which was encouraging. Not quite a save after that lunchtime disaster, but not a complete failure, either. Just know that it'll be a while before you see me on the Food Network.



Charles said...

I have to admit, when I heard you were going to use Korean noodles in a Thai dish, I had my doubts. Looks like you managed to pull it off, though.

Kevin said...


The result was pretty mushy, but then again, a typical dish of pad thai at an American restaurant is also a bit mushy, though Thai noodles do seem firmer and more elastic. The key to simulating pad thai noodles with Korean noodles might be to cook them a lot less. They'll continue to cook, after all, when the chicken and sauce are mixed in with them.