Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Tomorrow, Mom's going to be out for most of the morning and early afternoon, as we have to take her to a 9:30AM appointment with her neurosurgeon, Dr. Leiphart. One thing we'll be wanting to ask him is whether there's going to be any effort to get Mom back on an in-tandem routine: per the doctors' orders, she still hasn't restarted chemotherapy (Temodar). I'm worried about this because, according to the original treatment calendar, Mom was supposed to have a month off from both treatments. As things stand now, Mom is about a week ahead with radiation. Will this mean that Mom will have only three weeks' rest before the resumption of chemo (radiation ends after the initial six-week treatment period), or will she receive a full month of rest, thereby distancing her from the last day of radiation treatment before she resumes chemo? Perhaps Dr. Leiphart can help us in this matter, or maybe he can refer the question to Dr. Meister, who's in charge of Mom's chemotherapy.

We also need to start thinking about taking Mom back to MD Anderson and NCI so that those facilities can take their respective MRIs. The plan was to do this during Mom's one-month break from therapy, but we need a clearer idea of the treatment calendar before we can take Mom anywhere.

Mom's also got her regularly scheduled 2PM radiotherapy appointment, so we'll be tooling about the area for a few hours, and won't be back home until mid-afternoon.


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