Sunday, July 12, 2009

many thanks

The following pictures of yesterday's wheelchair ramp construction are brought to you by Dad. On behalf of our family, I'd like to thank the following folks.

From Mount Vernon Presbyterian Church:

Mike Frady
Don Dickstein
Bill Kennedy
Eric Frady
Nat Wheeler
Pastor Jeri (who watched over Mom and ran a hardware errand)

From the local Home Depot:

Tony Barnett, manager
Alvin Hughes
Bryan Thomson

Watching the wheelchair ramp's progress throughout the day was impressive. The above-pictured guys (plus Mr. Barnett, not pictured) worked all day in the heat and humidity to complete the project, and the end result (which I tested by riding a wheelchair down the ramp myself) was marvelous.

My thanks as well to Pastor Jeri, who played a major role in getting Mom out of her hiding place inside the house, so that Mom could watch the project firsthand. That was, for me, a major turnaround. At first, Mom hadn't wanted to come out at all, so self-conscious was she. But there she was in the afternoon, first leaning against the deck railing with Pastor Jeri, then sitting on the deck in a folding chair, magisterially surveying the proceedings. Quite a sight.

Special note: Dad not only helped me with the cooking by baking two cakes and doing all the grilling: he also helped the workers as he could. Paying everyone back by feeding them was the least I could do. I'd also like to offer a long-distance thank-you to Bill Keezer, who wrote this tribute to our family.

Thank you. All of you.


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