Friday, July 17, 2009

not very verbal

Dad took Mom to her radiotherapy treatment today (as he did yesterday), so Sean and I drove over to a chain store in Fairfax called Wegmans, which sells groceries and specialty products for a decent price. When Sean and I came back from shopping and saw Mom again, she was completely nonverbal. After some prodding on our part, it became clear that Mom had something in her mouth-- fish, as it turned out (I discovered this only after Sean and Dad had left the house). This is, again, another example of perseveration: Mom had chewed the fish, but instead of swallowing it, she had kept it in her mouth like chewing gum. I hope you don't find this image too gross, but truth be told, I found it a bit funny, if for no other reason than that Mom's taciturnity had nothing to do with a new cognitive issue.

In other news: Mom is going to be inundated with visitors tomorrow. I need to check with Dad, but I think she's got at least three different visits in the works. Then, on Sunday, Dad and Mom will be heading back out to Lusby, Maryland, to visit with Mom's friend at her Cove Point beach house (doesn't "cove point" sound oxymoronic to you?). A busy weekend ahead. I'll probably spend my Sunday either sleeping or trying to catch up on a mess of long-neglected transcripts.


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