Tuesday, July 7, 2009

bone flap and other matters

The news I got from Dad just a few minutes ago is that Mom's synthetic bone flap won't be put back in until two weeks after the end of radiotherapy. I'm relieved: I had worried that the docs might want to do some something crazy, like installing the flap during the six-week radiotherapy period, when Mom's ability to heal will be diminished.

Some other doctors have chimed in about Mom's situation:

Dr. Yoho (infectious disease specialist): Hold the Temodar treatment until after Mom finishes the daptomycin regimen.

Dr. Mirali (plastic surgeon): Mom's ready for what's to come.

Dr. Meister (medical oncologist): As Dr. Yoho said-- hold the Temodar.

Dr. Leiphart (neurosurgeon): As noted in the first paragraph above, the bone flap won't be put in until two weeks after the end of radiotherapy.

Dr. Tonnesen (radiation oncologist): Will call back (later today?) with the new radiotherapy schedule. Mom might restart as early as tomorrow.


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