Monday, July 6, 2009


Mom's in-tandem chemo- and radiotherapy treatments resume today. The chemo can be done at home, as it's Temodar administered in pill form. The radiation requires a trip to Fairfax Hospital; today's session is at 2:20PM, if I'm not mistaken.

Mom might have to have a new radiotherapy mask made; if this turns out to be the case, we're hoping that she won't suffer the same discomfort that preceded her second, third, and fourth operations. Her head wounds all appear uninfected this time around, so she ought to be fine. Last time, the tightness of the mask was an issue, perhaps because she was already infected. It may also have been the case that the mask irritated Mom's head wound, leading to the serious infection.

I wonder: if they use the same mask today, will we have to warn the docs to make sure it's been sterilized? Well, I imagine we'll warn them whether we have to or not.


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