Friday, July 10, 2009

gracias, comme toujours

Many thanks to Mike Frady and Don Dickstein for stopping by and dropping off supplies for tomorrow's rampfest. Our back yard is starting to acquire an Amish ambiance, as if we were setting up for a barn-raising. At the same time, I'm being reminded of how the yard looked back when renovation was in full swing.

Thanks, as well, to Ruth Guirard, who came by to drop off enough food to feed an army. We'll definitely enjoy the rice, beans, and salad. Thanks, too, for the raspberry vinaigrette: my favorite salad dressing.

Dad came back from an errand at the local Home Depot on Route 1, and told me that the manager-- a gent named Tony, who became familiar with Dad during the madness of our of September-to-March renovation-- decided to donate a mess of supplies to us: material to build a stairway off the wheelchair ramp, as well as a shower chair, a "bath transfer" chair (it straddles the bathtub's edge, allowing the user to sit on it and swing safely out of the tub without falling), and grab bars to allow Mom a chance to stand up in the bathroom without fear of collapsing. The price tag for all this would have been over $200, possibly over $300, but instead, it was all free.

People are something else.


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