Monday, July 27, 2009

off in a second

We're about to leave for Mom's radiotherapy. Later this afternoon, we're to be visited by our church's former pastor, Bob Criswell, and his son Jim, who is still working with MVPC as its music director. I understand they'll be bringing yet more food... pretty soon, we're going to have to invite all these good folks to sit down and eat with us, just to keep our fridges from exploding!

PS: Many thanks to Mom's friend (sorry I forgot your last name), who came over with a huge container of kimchi at noon today. However, I need to remind folks once again to PLEASE CALL BEFORE COMING! Simply dropping by unannounced is not acceptable, given Mom's condition and our occasionally hectic existence.

I'm going to have to take the suggestion of a friend who told me that I should put up a sign in the front yard, along with a bold announcement in this blog's banner.


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