Sunday, July 26, 2009


Many thanks to Mrs. Kopf and Mr. Perry for visiting us today, and for bringing over food for Mom and the rest of us.

Thanks as well to Mrs. Daw for dropping by with a pie and cans of shik-hyae.

Just a respectful reminder to any potential visitors: please call at least 24 hours in advance before dropping by. Suddenly dropping by can be a problem-- we might have other visitors, or Mom might not be in any condition to see people, or Mom might become stressed by the sudden appearance of a visitor. As Mom's guardians, Dad and I are responsible for reminding people about this rule. Please respect it. I've mentioned it on the blog several times, now, and am thinking about making that message a part of the blog's banner, because too many people still ignore it.


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melancholy donut said...

sounds like you and your father have a LOT to do these days; not only with the errands/chores but with the preventative vigilance as well. adding a reminder in the banner would probably make all parties happier.

your family is in my thoughts all the time...