Thursday, July 30, 2009

PICC line, steroids, and Temodar

Dr. Meister-- for whom we waited over an hour-- recommended that Mom not get a new PICC line installed because of the risk of infection. This wasn't an issue before because Mom had been receiving daptomycin through the PICC: the antibiotic had been keeping the line infection-free. Otherwise, the doc felt that Mom's blood work looked good.

We did, however, find out that Mom has lost about 8 pounds since April. Dr. Meister wanted to consult with Dr. Tonnesen about changing Mom's Temodar dosage, given her weight loss, so this was a question we had to take up with Dr. Tonnesen. The hospital was our next stop, as Mom had a 2PM radiotherapy appointment.

We got to the hospital around 1:45; Mom was done with her treatment by 2:05, and we all found ourselves in our second exam room of the day. Dr. Tonnesen asked us how Mom was doing; we talked about her weakness and her nonverbal state, which has been worsening. Dr. Tonnesen told us that he had thought Mom was still taking Decadron (steroids), as this would have alleviated some of the cognitive/verbal issues. We reminded him that Mom was taken off the Decadron because of her infection, so the doc gave Dad a prescription to go get more Decadron.

As for the Temodar, we were told to expect a call from Dr. Meister later today. He'll tell us what the new dosage will be.


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