Tuesday, September 29, 2009

forgot to mention

In our talk with Dr. Tonnesen yesterday, we covered the question of Mom's weakness and weight loss. Dr. Tonnesen agreed that the steroids are an issue, and suggested that the time had come to step down the dosage by 25%, then later on by 50%, all while monitoring Mom's response to such a reduction. I'm all for it if this means that Mom can regain her strength without suffering renewed intracranial swelling.

Dad started the step-down last night. Mom seems OK for the moment, which might be a good sign. If her behavior starts to become bizarre, though, we'll step her back up. Dr. Tonnesen said we were free to make adjustments in dosage ourselves, without a written prescription; I told Dad that, because Mom is so quiet these days, it might be hard to tell whether a change in Decadron dosage was making her better or worse. We both agreed that behavior, rather than speech, would be the thing to watch. We'll see what happens over the next couple of weeks.


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