Thursday, October 1, 2009


I'm sick. Trying to keep this sickness from Mom and Dad is a challenge, because I think I'm currently in the infectious phase. There are two distinct problems: (1) the rattling, mucus-y cough I'd mentioned earlier, accompanied by a runny nose; and (2) an infection that's causing my left upper eyelid to swell, leaving me looking like a fat Rocky Balboa. It's a mystery as to where these problems are coming from. In the hope that the eye problem is bacterial, I've broken out my bottle of leftover ciprofloxacin, the prescription antibiotic I'd received back when I was dealing with that corneal abrasion. If the problem is viral, the cipro is useless.

As for the cough... well, I can treat the symptoms with medicine here, but am not sure what to do, cure-wise. Vitamin C might help. In the meantime, I avoid coughing near Mom and Dad, and as of yesterday, I've been washing my hands religiously before touching anything related to food prep.

Dad's got some N95 masks lying around somewhere-- relics of the recent renovation. I might start wearing one of those, since they're supposed to be somewhat more effective than regular face masks when it comes to infection prevention.


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