Wednesday, September 30, 2009

stepping down: maybe not a good idea

Mom's behavior today is very perseverative. I'm pretty sure this is a direct result of the step-down of the Decadron dosage, so I've told Dad we should put Mom back on her full dose. Mom is currently seated in the bathroom and exhibiting no desire to get up of her own accord. This hasn't normally been the case-- at least for the past few weeks-- when Mom was ready to leave the bathroom and come to the living room for lunch.

Yesterday and the day before, I saw Mom staring at her pills for a long time before finally swallowing them. This behavior is of a piece with what's happening now, and also coincides with the Decadron step-down timetable. We'll see if her behavior changes over the next 36 hours once she's back on her full dosage.

UPDATE, 3:43PM: Mom's out of the bathroom and at the bar, eating lunch.


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