Saturday, September 5, 2009


Mom's awake, washed, and eating lunch with Dad and me; she seems to be doing pretty well, all things considered. Over the past two weeks, we've been worried about Mom's headaches, but she hasn't reported any such pain more than twice.

Today, I'm making a day of doing laundry outside on our deck, third world-style: the washer is completely dead. Although we've had a kind offer from one of Mom's friends to do laundry at her house, I'm actually enjoying the slow, primitive process of doing the laundry in a basin, rinsing it and wringing it by hand, and hang-drying it for a couple hours before tossing it into the dryer-- which still works fine.

My new iMac looks fantastic. Alas, I can't connect my old hard drive to it: the new Mac has sockets of every description, except the one socket I actually need. I laughed when I discovered this last night. I also need to confer with Dad about how to get the computer connected to his wireless router; we've got a secure connection requiring a password, and the last time I went through this procedure-- around Christmas of last year-- we had to visit the Verizon site through the hard line and do some digging around in Dad's paperwork before we could get the connection established. I guess neither of us bothered to write the password down: at the time, I assumed that my netbook was going to be my only computer for a while, so we both assumed the password would be unnecessary. Bleh. This time around, I'll write the procedure down.

But right now, I'm done with lunch, and need to get back to the laundry.


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Anonymous said...

I'm sitting in my truck in the middle of nowhere checking the weather forecast next to a hot spot. Then I thought I'd click on your site to see howzitgoin from 40miles SE of Winslow.

Hang in there Bro.