Friday, October 23, 2009


It took months to do it, but I finally installed a new and long-needed light bulb for our side basement door. The house already has plenty of outside lighting, but the absence of this particular light has been bothering me. I should have done something about the problem long ago, but as they say, I never got "a round tuit." If it's true that we get around to doing things only when we feel it's important to do them, then I can only conclude that, for a long while, I didn't find this bulb all that important.



Charles said...

I see that you've also got around to whipping up a new banner for the site. Nice.

(When I was young, my father gave me a small, round wooden disk with "Tuit" printed on it. Then he said, "Here, now you've gotten a 'round tuit.'" He thought this was very amusing.)

Kevin Kim said...

Yeah; years ago, one of my buddies gave me a circular fridge magnet with the "a round tuit" joke printed on it.