Saturday, October 24, 2009

another day of no walking

Mom finally made it clear today that her feet hurt; she indicated, once again, that she didn't want to walk. We're going to drive out to Skyline Drive tomorrow, probably just to drive around, but we might get Mom to do a bit of walking whenever we park at an overlook. We have to strike some sort of balance between Mom's feet (the only worrisome symptom) and her need to exercise her legs. Perhaps a series of super-brief walks is in order, and Skyline is the perfect place to try that strategy.

Mom's quietly eating a Korean risotto right now; I had wanted to make my usual juk, but didn't have any more chap-ssal, the super-sticky glutinous rice that often makes it into certain types of Korean porridge. Mom's carb intake is normally lower in the evening, but I'm risking the risotto/porridge tonight because the weather is cooling down.


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