Friday, November 13, 2009

Mom about to be discharged

Mom's blood work came back and was deemed "OK" by the doc, except for the elevated glucose level, probably an effect of the Decadron.

I'm in the waiting room of the ER, and Mom will be discharged soon. The doc suggested that we speak with Mom's primary care physician (Dr. Royfe, in Mom's case); implied in his tone was that Mom's regular caregivers (Meister, Benson, et al.) were the people we should consult about aberrations in Mom's behavior.

This leads us full circle back to the frustrating situation we were in: we'd been trying to contact these very people to get some clues as to what might be wrong, but had had no luck contacting any of them.

Anyway, we're out of here. Next stop: home and bed. At least we know we're not looking at stroke.

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